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My Services

My focus is on increasing and developing your customer base through the use of social media. Each and every business is unique and as a result, I don’t provide a ‘one size fits all’ solution. I work with you to understand your precise needs and business culture, utilising the most effective platforms and approaches based on your requirements.

I will ensure that your business maximises the significant benefits available from social media

My work for you will typically revolve around the four main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and You Tube. Beginning at the basic level, I will undertake your account & profile set up and then maintain and manage your accounts for you, generally across all four platforms.

I can also build your following and engage with people on your behalf.

For clients that genuinely want to embrace the full power of social media I provide a content distribution and content creation service. My premium service includes all this, plus comprehensive reputation management services, which is an essential part of managing your social media presence.

Want to get going with social media but don’t know where to start?

Why not try out the fantastic online training available for businesses! Click here to find out more!

The fact is that Social Media is transforming the way the world does business. The implications are huge and the prizes are enormous for those businesses with the wisdom and foresight to get involved – properly – right now.

Whether you are missing the ‘know how’ or the time to get the most from social media, I can make this happen for you.

Connect with me on social media to find out more!

Rebecca Robertson on Facebook  Rebecca Robertson on Twitter  Rebecca Robertson on Twitter  or Contact Me on 07711 482506 for an informal chat

Rebecca Robertson Social Media Management

Rebecca Robertson on Facebook  Rebecca Robertson on Twitter  Rebecca Robertson on Linkedin
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